• We like to think of ourselves as social people: always up for a chat, for a laugh, some food, a drink or a dance, always into meeting new people. Basis is a part of Amsterdam where people can enjoy an open, social vibe at all times. We want you and your friends to feel at home so feel free to Bring Your Own Vibe and together we’ll create an environment where we can all be ourselves and at ease. Of course we’ll provide everything you need for having a good time, but we’ll also provide an opportunity for you to Bring Your Own Food and Ideas.
  • We love togetherness and “gezelligheid” that is created by eating good food with good people. Basis offers this as well as freedom of choice: it’s called Bring Your Own Food. This means that on top of offering you a selection of great dishes by Taart: frittata, quiche, cheesecake, etc. we invite you to bring your own any way you like. The choice is up to you. Basis has plates, cutlery, ovens, microwaves: everything you need to enjoy your food. We’ll even do your dishes for you. And that’s Bring Your Own food in a nutshell.
  • Amsterdam is an inspirational, creative place. We want Basis to reflect and enrich that environment and to be a base for people who make the city that way. This means a cool interior made of old and new stuff as well as different types of programming: events, music and an art exhibition that changes regularly. Our Bring Your Own philosophy applies to creativity and ideas as well. Are you looking for a place to exhibit your art, music, performance, skills, organize an event or do whatever? We’d love to hear your ideas: Ideas@BasisAmsterdam.nl.